Only about 8% of children consume the daily recommended serves of vegetables. Even fewer regularly choose Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, brussels' sprouts and cauliflower.

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EnduraCELL PLUS 60 capsules


Research on Broccoli Sprouts and complications of Type 2 Diabetes

As featured on Channel 10 Brisbane News 24th Sept, 2009.

This is the ONLY available Broccoli Sprout product with the potency required by the researchers conducting the forthcoming clinical trial described in the TV interview.

Be wary of Broccoli Sprout products which are brown rather than olive green and those which claim to be 'extracts', as these produce limited amounts of the bioactive Sulforaphane.

100% Whole Enzyme-Active

Broccoli Sprout Powder

High Sulforaphane Yield!

We proudly offer you a 100% Whole Broccoli Sprout product which we believe is second to none.  Our product has been developed in close association with our scientific team who have ensured that EnduraCell contains a standardised concentration of Sulforaphane, the bioactive plant chemical for which broccoli sprout is renowned as one of the most highly-regarded health-promoting vegetables.

EnduraCell Broccoli Sprouts Powder
The Ultimate Daily Supplement

Did you Know That?

Cooking Broccoli sprouts destroys the unique enzyme, Myrosinase which is necessary for the inactive compound Glucoraphanin to be converted to the active compound, Sulforaphane?

What this means is that most of the broccoli sprouts we consume as a vegetable is unable to provide the maximal health benefits which are attributable only to the Sulforaphane.  The sprout contains around 50 times more bioactivity than the mature vegetable and because the fresh broccoli sprouts are produced as a powder using a unique process which does not involve cooking, the broccoli sprouts offer a more dependable source of these desirable health-promoting bioactives.  EnduraCell has been carefully produced to retain the myrosinase enzyme; this ensure that you are receiving a high yield of Sulforaphane in the product.

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