Unsurpassed in its Sulforaphane-Yielding capacity.
100% MYROSINASE-ACTIVE Broccoli Sprout Ingredient

Why choose EnduraCell®

The quest to find nutraceutical ingredients which can provide a therapeutic dose is challenging.  This is why we have invested extensively in the research and development of a potent sulforaphane – yielding broccoli sprout nutraceutical ingredient. 

Branded EnduraCell, this ingredient stands head and shoulders above other phytochemicals for two major reasons:

  1. It is the most potent naturally-occurring activator of Nrf2, the cellular ‘switch’ that governs much of the cell’s own defence processes.
  2. Its very high Absolute Bioavailability of around 80% delivers the molecule to the cells – rapidly and in quantities capable of significantly inducing expression of its target genes.

Why choose EnduraCell?®


Broccoli Sprout or Seed ‘Extracts’ are typically rich sources of the precursor compound, GLUCORAPHANIN – but because they are devoid of the MYROSINASE enzyme, they are unable to yield SULFORAPHANE on ingestion.

EnduraCell is different.  EnduraCell retains both the glucoraphanin precursor and the myrosinase enzyme, ensuring that the product delivers its optimal SULFORAPHANE YIELD.  Figure 1 showscompares EnduraCell with three other Australasian products – and also with three US inert extracts. 

Even when a secondary source of the Myrosinase enzyme is added to the US ‘extract’, the SULFORAPHANE YIELD is less than half that of an EnduraCell capsule.

Figure 1: The comparative Glucoraphinin content and Sulforaphane Yield across a range of supplements available in Australia and New Zealand. (Data was acquired via a globally-accredited independent laboratory and/or from with the manufacturer’s own published sulforaphane assay data.)

SUPERIOR SULFORAPHANE YIELD PER  DOSE – easily matching clinical trial doses.

When comparing SULFORAPHANE YIELD, EnduraCell stands head and shoulders above the rest, including well-known US-branded versions with added myrosinase enzyme.

The two on the far right are US broccoli seed ‘extracts’ which are unable to produce any sulforaphane. 

Manufacturers of the ‘extracts’ defend their product by suggesting that gut microbiota will convert glucoraphanin to sulforaphane.   However, Rungapamestry et al. (2007) conclude: “Colonic microbiota has been estimated to account for about 8% of isothiocyanates recovered in rats harbouring a human faecal microbiota when given a diet with or without myrosinase.”  

There is no substitute for a 100% whole broccoli sprout ingredient which maximally retains its glucoraphanin and its myrosinase enzyme.

Figure 2: The comparative Sulforaphane Yield per capsule across a range of supplements available in Australia and New Zealand. (Data was acquired via a globally-accredited independent laboratory and/or from with the manufacturer’s own published sulforaphane assay data.)

Sulforaphane yield per capsule


To compare value in a broccoli sprout raw material, it is important to compare cost per milligram Sulforaphane Yield.  Figure 3 clearly shows that EnduraCell is the most cost-effective option at just 3 cents per mg Sulfloraphane Yield.  At ingredient volumes suited to manufacture, it is even lower at around 1 cent per mg.  As a 100% whole broccoli sprout raw material, EnduraCell has no peer.

Figure 3: The comparative cost per mg Sulforaphane Yield across a range of supplements available in Australia and New Zealand. (Data was acquired via a globally-accredited independent laboratory and/or from with the manufacturer’s own published sulforaphane assay data.)

Cost per mg Sulforaphane

EnduraCell® provides a Minimum
20mg sulforaphane yield per gram

Our high-quality product with its unsurpassed Sulforaphane Yield ensures that your formulation is backed by Dose-Response data derived from condition-specific clinical trials.

Better still, formulating with EnduraCell ensures that you can achieve a clincially-relevant dose level in the most cost-effective manner.
Nutraceutical-Grade Broccoli Sprout Raw Material

Unlike common food-grade broccoli sprout ingredients, EnduraCell is somewhat unique in that it is manufactured to nutraceutical standards. This ensures that our product meets the stringent requirements of Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and other regulatory authorities around the globe.

Multiple Testing Steps during Processing

As a nutraceutical-grade product, EnduraCell® undergoes comprehensive laboratory analysis at many stages during production; food-grade products do not undergo such rigorous testing. Every batch is independently assayed at many stages of production, especially for its Glucoraphanin content Sulforaphane Yield.

Proprietary Manufacturing Technology

Cell-Logic's® proprietary technology was developed as a unique manufacturing process to create a bioactive broccoli sprout material which retains its myrosinase enzyme. This technically-challenging process enables the protection of both the Glucoraphanin precursor and the enzyme Myrosinase during production.

Delivering a high sulforaphane yield

Most available broccoli sprout (or seed) raw materials are 'extracts' in which the myrosinase enzyme has been destroyed. Such ingredients, simply as extracted glucoraphanin, have no ability of themselves to generate Sulforaphane.
Many poor-quality broccoli sprout powders may retain some of the enyzme but still yield very low Sulforaphane.

Our EnduraCell product yields, on average, 47 mg Glucoraphanin and 22 mg Sulforaphane per gram. We achieve this through our proprietary manufacturing process, designed to retain almost all of the glucoraphinin precursor and the myrosinase enzyme. Our controlled processing and regular assay sampling enables us to provide an end product with consistent levels of bioactivity.

The advantage of choosing EnduraCell

Sulforaphane – Food-grade vs Nutraceutical-grade. Most of the broccoli sprout products available on the Australian market use foodgrade material; these do not undergo the rigorous testing required of a nutraceuticalor pharmaceutical-grade product. EnduraCell does!

As a 100% whole myrosinase-active broccoli sprout ingredient, EnduraCell® can legitimately claim the highest known Sulforaphane yield. Independent laboratory assays show that its Sulforaphane Yield is more than twice that of the nearest food-grade broccoli sprout powder and many times more than others.

Phase 2 Detoxification – unlocking Cellular Defences Quinone reductase prevents the mutagenic final step in the detoxification of steroids like estrogen and of many environmental toxicants. Another Nrf2 target, Metallothionein (MT) binds heavy metals for excretion. Sulforaphane potently activates Metallothionein.

Just knowing this is not enough – a minimum threshold sulforaphane dose is required to activate expression of protective genes.

A high-yielding sulforaphane supplement can significantly benefit the key cellular defence pathways. One of sulforaphane’s most potent effects is its ability to upregulate the Phase 2 detoxification enzyme, Quinone reductase, which is shown on nutrigenetic test profiles as NQO1. Multifunctional Quinone reductase is essential for cellular protection and for numerous other cellular functions.

Sulforaphane-Yielding Supplements – definitely not created equal!
EnduraCell is unsurpassed globally in its Sulforaphane-Yielding capacity. For example, review of Figure 1 and Table 1 show that just 2 capsules daily of EnduraCell BioActive can match the dose used in the 2012 study on detoxification of atmospheric pollutants. Clearly, in low sulforaphane-yielding supplements, the required number of capsules is so high as to be impractical clinically; EnduraCell does not have this limitation. If considering another broccoli sprout product, why not check the Sulforaphane Yield with the supplier?

Cell-Logic has achieved this without the use of potentially harmful agricultural chemicals or the use of gamma-irradiation, the latter commonly used even in products claiming to be ‘organic’.

Carefully-selected Broccoli non-GMO seed is used to grow healthy sprouts in a hydroganic controlled-growing environment using our specialised technology and without using any harmful chemicals or additives.

about us.

Cell-Logic - an Organisation focused on developing Evidence-Based Nutraceutical Solutions

Cell-Logic as a science-based organisation is focused on producing evidence-based nutrigenomic supplements, nutraceuticals, functional foods and professional education.  In this capacity, we bring to the clinical environment formulations which have been Developed by Nature and Validated by Science.  

Our flagship ingredient, EnduraCell 100% whole broccoli sprout powder is second to none in its ability to yield bioactive sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane is well-researched as a potent food-derived bioactive compound capable of upregulating the defence mechanisms of human cells.

In addition to its role as a manufacturer of the world’s highest Sulforaphane-Yelding broccoli sprout raw material, Cell-Logic is a clear leader in its field, pioneering Translational Nutrigenomics research and professional education tailored to the needs of the practising clinician.

For finished products suited to the needs of both consumers and clinicians, visit our companion website,  cell-logic.com.au

Our Executive Team.

Cell Logic's diverse experience encompasses clinical practice, nutritional biochemistry, research methodology, nutrigenomics, education and a biochemist’s rigour in product formulation and an insider’s understanding of the industry.
Dr Christine Houghton

PhD, B.Sc.(Biochem.),R.Nutr.
Founder- Director & Senior Scientist

Robert Thomas

N.D., Clinician Educator / Naturopath and Nutrigenomics Clinician

Tania Gibson

Dip. Bus. Man & Dip. Project Man. Operations Manager

Stephen Kearton

B.App.Sc (Applied Chemistry) Technical Director

EnduraCell® - Underpinned by Science

We understand your requirement for a high yield raw material.

Let the science do the talking

Unlike low potency food-grade broccoli sprout ingredients, Cell-Logic’s optimised EnduraCell® enables a consumer to take a practical daily dose in order to achieve a significant response, readily matched by doses used in a number of peer-reviewed published clinical trials.

Where the broccoli sprout story began

In the early 1990s, a research group at Johns Hopkins University in the U.S.A. made a remarkable finding. They discovered that the very young sprouts from broccoli seeds were an extremely concentrated source of the bioactive plant chemicals found normally in the broccoli vegetable.
In fact, so concentrated are these bioactive compounds that the sprout contains 20-50 times more than found in the mature vegetable!
What this means is that a small amount of the sprout is the equivalent of eating a large amount of vegetable! Great news if you don’t much like eating broccoli!

What the research shows

The sprout contains a substance called Glucoraphanin which is contained in a tiny sac inside the plant cells. A separate sac inside the plant cells contains an enzyme called Myrosinase.

As soon as the plant is cut or chewed, the contents of the two sacs combine and the enzyme is activated. The result is a brand new substance called Sulforaphane (pr. Sul-4-a-Fane).

The intact whole plant doesn’t contain any Sulforaphane at all! It is made as soon as you eat it!
It is the Sulforaphane which has continued to fascinate many research groups across the world.

What does sulforaphane do?

A new branch of Nutrition Science called Nutrigenomics explains how certain nutrients in foods can ‘talk to’ the genes in our cells.

This may sound extraordinary because for a long time, it was thought that nutrients in foods were mostly building blocks in our body’s cells.

Sulforaphane can be called a nutrigenomically-active substance because it ‘talks to the DNA in our cells’. By ‘talking to the cell’s DNA’, Sulforaphane has been shown to switch on and switch off, turn up and turn down certain genes in response to various signals.

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