Why choose EnduraCell®

Nutraceutical-grade Broccoli powder

Sulforaphane – Food-grade vs Nutraceutical-grade. Most of the broccoli sprout products available on the Australian market use foodgrade material; these do not undergo the rigorous testing required of a nutraceutical or pharmaceutical-grade product. EnduraCell does!


There is no other Sulforaphane product that can make this claim



Highest sulforaphane-yielding dried Broccoli Sprout ingredient

As a 100% whole myrosinase-active broccoli sprout ingredient, EnduraCell® can legitimately claim the highest known Sulforaphane yield. Independent laboratory assays show that its Sulforaphane Yield is more than twice that of the nearest food-grade broccoli sprout powder and many times more than others.


Peer-reviewed clinically trialed sulforaphane effective doses per condition

Potently activates Cellular Defences via Nrf2

Phase 2 Detoxification – unlocking Cellular Defences Quinone reductase prevents the mutagenic final step in the detoxification of steroids like estrogen and of many environmental toxicants. Another Nrf2 target, Metallothionein (MT) binds heavy metals for excretion. Sulforaphane potently activates Metallothionein.

Just knowing this is not enough – a minimum 20g threshold sulforaphane dose is required to activate expression of protective genes.

Helps protect against ingested and inhaled toxins

A high-yielding sulforaphane supplement can significantly benefit the key cellular defence pathways. One of sulforaphane’s most potent effects is its ability to upregulate the Phase 2 detoxification enzyme, Quinone reductase, which is shown on nutrigenetic test profiles as NQO1. Multifunctional Quinone reductase is essential for cellular protection and for numerous other cellular functions.

Hydroganically-produced using our proprietary technology

Sulforaphane-Yielding Supplements – definitely not created equal!

EnduraCell is unsurpassed globally in its Sulforaphane-Yielding capacity. For example, review of Figure 1 and Table 1 show that just 2 capsules daily of EnduraCell BioActive can match the dose used in the 2012 study on detoxification of atmospheric pollutants. Clearly, in low sulforaphane-yielding supplements, the required number of capsules is so high as to be impractical clinically; EnduraCell does not have this limitation. If considering another broccoli sprout product, why not check the Sulforaphane Yield with the supplier?



Cell-Logic has achieved this without the use of potentially harmful agricultural chemicals or the use of gamma-irradiation, the latter commonly used even in products claiming to be ‘organic’.



Carefully-selected Broccoli non-GMO seed is used to grow healthy sprouts in a hydroganic controlled-growing environment using our specialised technology and without using any harmful chemicals or additives.